Blatantly Speaking, No One Cares

By July 28, 2020 Resources

Some of the more common phrases we hear as coaches are as follows:

  • I am too slow.
  • I will be the last to finish.
  • I will hold up the class.
  • I will have to scale the weight or movement.
  • I will look stupid, fat, weak, slow, <insert any other insecurity>, in front of the other members.
  • I will never get through as many rounds as the others.
  • I can’t do the WOD as prescribed.
  • I have to modify a lot of the workout so I will “look different”.
  • I don’t want everyone staring at me while I am working out.

You get the point.  We all have insecurities.  Each one of us has thought these exact same things at one point or another.  ALL OF US.  After all, we are human.  New members, “old” members and even the coaches have some self-doubt at one point or another.  It’s about how we handle these feelings by letting them flow through us rather than allowing them to consume AND control us.  The important piece of this is that…. No.  One.  Cares.

No one cares if you finish last.  No one cares if you have less weight on your bar.  No one cares if  you scaled a pull up.  No one cares if you walked on part of your run.  No one cares if you are 10, 50 or 100 pounds overweight.  No one cares if you sweat when you work out.  No.  One.  Cares.  

I bet if I were to ask you the following questions, you would all say “NO!” immediately.  

Have you ever cheered on someone as they were coming in from a run only to think to yourself, “Man, they really suck at running.”?  Have you ever looked to your left during a workout to see “Sally” deadlifting and shook your head at her form?  When you are exhausted during your workout, are you thinking about how pathetic it was for “Jimmy” to scale the weight on his thrusters?  Have you cheered someone on through their last round of burpee over the bar and thought to yourself, “this person sucks”?  NO!  I think we can all say we easily answered “No” to each of these questions.  

 We are all in our own pain cave.  Working our hardest to get through whatever is thrown at us each day.  Each and every one of us only cares that we show up and do our best.  We want everyone to work their hardest and do the best they can with their abilities.  We want each person to come with a smile and leave with a HUGE sense of accomplishment and an even BIGGER smile!  So, scale the movements if you have to, row a little slower if you need to, modify the burpees if necessary.  But, NEVER stop showing up, pushing yourself and cheering others on.  

You would never think those things about anyone else, so why do we make ourselves believe others are thinking that about us?  We have an amazing community of people who support each other and want nothing but the best for each of us.  Work hard.  Do your best.  Try your hardest.  Push yourself.  Push others.  Do the work.

No. One. Cares.

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