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Our CrossFit programs build strength and conditioning for a body capable of just about anything life throws at you. Our CrossFit classes offer olympic lifting skill-work with varying degrees of movement complexity and WOD intensity.



Experience a community unlike any other. At EffectUs Athletics, community is a staple in our fitness philosophy. The same group of people that will encourage you while you workout will end up calling when you’re sick, congratulating your new job, and celebrating your birthday. Come see the “community” difference and how a positive team atmosphere can re-ignite your workouts.


Our certified coaches are passionate and knowledgable.  Whether you’re completely new to fitness or an experienced athlete, our coaches are qualified to help you reach your fitness goals at a pace thats comfortable to you and you’ll have a blast along the way!


Whether you’re after decreased body fat, increased muscle mass, improved triglycerides, or stronger bones; EffectUs Athletics produces measurable results that are visible in blood tests and in the mirror. We believe that feedback is important for growth.  Which is why we’ve created a system for revealing your progress every step of the way. You can expect electronic workout tracking, goals meetings, baseline check-ins, body composition analysis and Functional Movement Screening.

Crossfit STMA is one the best things I have ever done for myself and for my family. I have only been here for 3 months and have already seen amazing results. I recommend joining if you want to live a healthier, happier, more active lifestyle and be surrounded by a positive, motivating environment. Everyone pushes you to be your best self. The community here is incredible, lead by outstanding coaches. Worth every penny.

Liz Gammelgaard

You make something that is hugely intimidating from the outside be welcoming and supportive. I always feel comfortable doing the WODs, no matter how hard they have been because of your guidance and support. For the first time in my life, I look forward to working out and turn down other activities to make sure I can make it to class. I love the small community that has developed too!

Tanya Erntson

Can't say enough of about this place! I first started at CrossFit STMA nearly a year ago, completing a boot camp. Now, I consider the 5 am folks to be my own rockstar cheerleaders, friends and fitness family. I also appreciate the great coaching! As a teacher/educator, I especially appreciate the clear instructions and modeling of movements for each WOD, consistent feedback on form, and overall enthusiasm, even when it's super early!

Amy Smith



  Schedule your Free Introductory Session to meet one-on-one with a coach to review your fitness goals and interests. We will assess your current fitness level to match you to the program that best fits your needs.


  Once enrolled as an athlete, you will recieve a Primary Coach to personally guide you through your program, training, and additional perks that come with your membership.


  Become a part of our community! Show up, never quit, and get the results you’ve always wanted!

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