By February 28, 2021 Member Spotlight

What is your “daytime” job”? 

I work in R&D for a medical device company.


How did you get started at EffectUs Athletics and what did you do before? 

Waaaay back, I was a distance runner but hadn’t been running any time recently and was starting to feel like an out of shape weakling. I hadn’t ever really lifted weights or done any crossfit-like exercise, but – my husband Jon and I were looking for something that we could do together, so we signed up for the Onboarding class and really enjoyed it.


How long have you been CrossFitting?

Since January 2020 – we made it through both shut-downs on Zoom!


Whats your favorite movie?

Almost anything on Masterpiece – I love a good period drama/romance/mystery.


If you were sent to live on a space station for three months and allowed to bring only one personal item with you, what would it be?   

Any electronic device that would allow me to read lots of books.


Which celebrity/historical figure would you want to workout with? 

Michelle Obama – I love her positive energy

Ruth Bader Ginsberg – she was still working out and staying fit in her 80s!


What was the first record or cd that you bought? 

The Black Album by Metallica


Name one of your favorite smells.  

Fresh coffee, homemade bread, any slow-cooked meat – can you tell I love food?


Tell two truths and a lie about yourself (let’s see who knows you best.)

  1. I was once in a bluegrass fiddling group
  2. I ran a 3:00h marathon in my 20s
  3. I make great homemade caramel rolls


Favorite WOD song? 

Anything I can sing along to (and maybe pretend that I can dance)


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