Why Fitness Improves Your Physical and Mental Health

By November 12, 2020 Resources

Exercise is great for our bodies and overall health.  We know this.  Did you know that exercise also helps with the health and strength of our brains as well? 🧠🤯

Take a look at the two brains in the picture on the right.  The first one was taken after sitting sedentary.  The second one shows what happens after just 20 minutes of vigorous walking.  Getting up and being active makes you feel sharper because exercising increases the blood flow to the brain.  

Exercise can also help reduce the symptoms that associated with depression and anxiety.  Being physically active helps increase ⬆️ feelings of hopefulness which decreases ⬇️ depressive symptoms. 👍 Furthermore, for people that suffer with anxiety, they tend to suffer less panic attacks when they begin a regular exercise routine.  🏃

Exercise also helps your brain adapt better to stress and let’s face it…we have all had a little stress this year.  😷 Not only does it help with stress that is currently happening, it will help you become more resilient to stress in the future as well.

Do you feel like you are always forgetting things?  Just hit the gym!  💪 Aerobic exercise has been found to significantly improve a persons spatial memory (the memory used for storing directions) and it has shown to increase the size of the hippocampus (a vital brain structure when it comes to learning and memory).  Not only does it help us remember things better, but cardio exercising can actually help our brains create new neurons in areas like the hippocampus.  🧠💪

Our brains like a challenge.  They are more challenged when we step outside of our comfort zone.  This includes exercise!  If you normally go for a walk, try adding in some weight training or stretching.  Find a balanced exercise program that includes some cardio, stretching, core and weight training.  Find something that works for you. 🥳

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