Why muscle is awesome (things you may not know!)

By July 23, 2020 Resources

There was a time when cardio was all the rage. It was the center of the fitness industry for

decades, but oh how times have changed!

Today, muscle is coveted. And fairly recently, for the first time, women strive for the athletic,

muscular look of an athlete over being thin.

And you know what? I think this is awesome! Not just because it shows how we are evolving

but because there are tremendous benefits to carrying more muscle mass (and less body fat).

You see…life has changed A LOT in the last century. Day to day life once involved physical labor,

which is great for building and maintaining muscle.

But because the world doesn’t work that way anymore, it’s very easy for humans to be low on

muscle mass and high in body fat. It doesn’t look good when you’re young and it’s detrimental

to your health, vitality, and mobility when you’re older.

As I see it, here are the top 5 benefits of building and maintaining muscle mass:

1. Increased metabolic efficiency – when you hold more muscle, your body needs higher

amounts of energy to survive. Muscle is 3-5x more metabolically active at rest, which

means muscle tissue burns significantly more calories at rest than fat.

2. Improved insulin sensitivity – this means more control over blood sugar levels and

lower instances of diabetes. You’ll also have better blood glucose control. So, less

dietary glucose (sugar) will store as body fat and you’ll have more energy overall.

3. Fight sarcopenia – this is age-related muscle loss. This actually starts around the age of

30, but you can reverse and prevent it by hitting the weights. So, if you want to get

around the when you’re older, not shrink in height, and be strong rather than frail, work

to build muscle and keep it! Use it or lose it!

4. Avoid disease – we all know that excess body fat causes a variety of serious health

conditions. One of the best ways to keep fat off is by building muscle. And in doing so,

you can avoid potentially deadly conditions like stroke, heart attack, diabetes, and many

others. Are you doing all you can to avoid lifestyle-related disease?

5. Gives you confidence – when you have more muscle you have less body fat, and it

should be no surprise that it’s a huge confidence booster! This confidence will spread

across all areas of your life, as a better version of YOU emerges. You’ll inspire those

around you as you become more positive, fearless, and proud of the body you’ve


So you might be wondering…what’s the best way to build and keep muscle?

First thing is first – you MUST be lifting! Here at EffectUs Athletics, we are experts at

designing safe and effective programs that will have you growing your muscle mass to result in

all the benefits above and more!

Other important factors include proper nutrition that supports building muscle, sleep,

hydration, stress management, and mobility work.

If you or someone you know has been putting off the exercise or maybe even fearing building

muscles (ahem, ladies!), I hope you see how essential it is. Not just for now but for your future

as well. So much of what we face when we’re older can be prevented by the choices we make


So, if you’re currently training in one of our programs consistently…BRAVO! You’re giving

yourself a gift every time you walk through our doors, so don’t forget that! Who can you

forward this email to/share this post with who NEEDS to hear this message? Our future and

current health and happiness depend on it.

If you’re not actively working on building or maintaining muscle, I ask you, for the sake of your

future self, to come in and have a chat with one of our expert coaches. 

It will change every aspect of your life from how you feel when you look in the mirror to potentially how long you

live and with what quality of life. Don’t put it off. You deserve your best. Just email us at staff@effectusathletics.com so we can be in touch.

To Your 💪,

The coaches at EffectUs Athletics 

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