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Joel & Jacqueline Werner owners of EffectUs Athletics
Our founders

Joel & Jacqueline Werner

Hi there! We are Jackie & Joel Werner, owners of EffectUs Athletics. We started CrossFit STMA back in 2013 (now EffectUS Athletics).

We want to take a moment to introduce our team of coaches. We are so incredibly proud of this team and everything they do to enlighten, motivate and change people’s lives through health and fitness. They are the backbone to this amazing community and our most valuable asset. Our team’s hope is that you discover a balance between your health, fitness and lifestyle which allows you to get the most out of life and strive to become your best self. For one hour our coaches want to help you decompress and forget about outside obligations to take time for YOU and YOUR HEALTH (both mentally and physically). Here is the team of EffectUs Athletics that will help you accomplish all this and more!

Our coaches

Joel coach at EffectUs Athletics


Why I Wanted To Be A Coach:

As a coach I love seeing how our community drives people to achieve so much more than they ever thought possible. I had always been a guy who worked out alone until CrossFit. CrossFit opened my eyes to how training with others brings out the best in each athlete. Whether you are competitive by nature or not; training with others who are working towards similar goals builds that fire within us to be better.

Favorite Workout: Anything with higher end gymnastics & a heavy snatch

Favorite Quote: “You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t how hard you hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. How much you can take, and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done.” – Rocky

Celebrity Crush: Jacqueline Werner

Top 3 Things On My Bucket List:

1) Swim with great white sharks

2) Travel to Australia

3) Travel to Maldives & Fuji

Jackie coach at EffectUs Athletics


Why I Wanted To Be A Coach:

I wanted to become a CrossFit coach to help people from all walks of life find an inclusive environment where they felt safe to push themselves outside their comfort zone to learn new skills & accomplish goals they never thought possible. Secondly, as someone who struggled with body image issues for many years.. CrossFit was the first environment I was a part of that embraced women’s muscles & strength and called it beautiful…I loved the focus on what my body could do vs what it looked like…and I wanted to help every women feel that way about her body & muscles too!

Favorite Workout: Fight Gone Bad and Filthy 50

Favorite Quote: “Giving up is the only sure way to fail.”

Celebrity Crush: Chris Hemsworth

Top 3 Things On My Bucket List:

1.) Learn a foreign language

2.) Then go live in that country

3.) Travel to South Africa.. swim with great whites and go on a Safari

Nicole coach at EffectUs Athletics


Why I Wanted To Be A Coach:

I coach because I love helping people achieve things they never thought possible. Whether it’s lifting a barbell for the first time or attending classes 3-4x/week. I absolutely love having the opportunity to make people smile while working hard and getting healthy. I thrive on watching our members improve themselves and am inspired by the hard work I see from our members every day.

Favorite Workout: Grace (30 Clean & Jerks @ 135/95lbs for time)

Favorite Quote: “If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.”

Celebrity Crush: Tom Hardy

Top 3 Things On My Bucket List:

1) Visit Ireland

2) See the northern lights

3) See a moose in the wild

Kory coach at EffectUs Athletics


Why I wanted to be a Coach:

My passion is to guide people towards their desired goals, and to explore the process of their why and how. I believe my biggest strength(s) is my ability to establish trust, to ask challenging questions, to get to the root of a person’s aspirations/dreams, and to ultimately set them up for success – while also helping them take accountability for said success.

Favorite Workout: Murph – 1 mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 pull-ups, 300 air squats, 1 mile run (w/ 20lb weight vest)

Favorite Quote: “Don’t get upset by the results you didn’t get, with the work you didn’t do” – Eric Thomas

Celebrity Crush: Zendaya

Top 3 Things On My Bucket List:

1.) Fly in a Fighter Jet

2.) Cage Dive w/ Great Whites

3.) Visit all 7 Continents.

Alex coach at EffectUs Athletics


Why I Wanted To Be A Coach:

I started CrossFit in 2013 and started coaching in 2014. I started to train for sports, but quickly fell in love with the challenge, variety, and most of all the people. I started coaching because I wanted to inspire and motivate people to get active and stay active for their whole lives. When I moved away from home, a member from the gym called me and told me had it not been for my encouragement, they were going to quit. I think of that every time I walk on the floor – I want everyone to believe in themselves no matter where they are at!

Favorite Workout: Fight Gone Bad: 1 minute at each of the following stations for 5 rounds: Wall balls, sumo deadlift high pull, box jumps, push presses, and rowing

Favorite Quote: “I can accept failure, I can’t accept not trying”

Celebrity Crush: Mark Hoppus of Blink-182

Top 3 Things On My Bucket List:

1.) Have a house with dedicated lego and gym rooms

2.) See all my favorite 2000’s punk bands in concert

3.) Go to comic con!

Mike coach at EffectUs Athletics


Why I wanted to be a Coach:

I love helping people connect to their potential. Watching someone take a concept you are teaching them and execute it and refine it over time is one of the most rewarding things to observe!

Favorite Workout: Filthy 50

Favorite Quote: “If we don’t do it, who will?” Or “Last one, Best one”

Celebrity Crush: Nathan Fillion 🥰

Top 3 Things On My Bucket List:

1) Go to Europe

2) Travel to Alaska

3) Deep sea fish for a monster fish

Ellie coach at EffectUs Athletics


Why I Wanted To Be A Coach:

Since I joined CrossFit I had it in the back of my mind that I wanted to coach! I love fitness and love being able to share that passion with others! In the future I hope to combine my coaching and nursing experience to help people live long productive lives!

Favorite Workout: Holleyman – 30 rounds of: 5 wall ball, 3 handstand push-ups, 1 power clean

Favorite Quote: “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right” – Henry Ford

Celebrity Crush: Justin Medeiros

Top 3 Things On My Bucket List:

1) Hike the stairway to heaven in Oahu, HI

2) Watch the northern lights in the igloos at Borealis Basecamp

3) Backpack Europe.

Anthony coach at EffectUs Athletics


Why I Wanted To Be A Coach:

I’ve always wanted to be a coach because I like to share my knowledge with people who are like minded and come to CrossFit for the same reason we all get fit, learn how to CrossFit and have fun doing it as a community! Nothing more satisfying than watching people smash a workout and push their bodies to a limit they didn’t think was possible!

Favorite Workout: CrossFit open 20.5; 40 muscle ups, 80 cal row, 120 wall balls

Favorite Quote: “Treat people how you want to be treated.”

Celebrity Crush: Scarlett Johansson

Top 3 Things On My Bucket List:

1)Downhill MTB at Whistler

2)Royal Flush water slide ramps in Texas

3) Take my kids to Yellowstone National park.

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