It all starts with ACTION


If you are waiting to get motivated before you decide to get up and do the damn thing… you’re going to be waiting…. a long freaking time.

Most people think motivation is the first step. WRONG

First, you take ACTION. Even (and especially) when you aren’t feeling motivated to do something. 

  • From ACTION you get RESULTS 
  • From your RESULTS you get MOTIVATED 
  • With that MOTIVATION you take more ACTION
  • And the cycle continues… but it all STARTS WITH ACTION

If you have ever been a little unsure of what to do at the gym (aside from selfies, excessive amounts of bicep curls, and ab checks), you have a cauldron full of options including: 

  • Pick stuff up (Deadlift)
  • Pull stuff (Chin-ups, lat pull downs, rows)
  • Squat stuff (squats…duh)
  • Press stuff (push-ups, overhead pressing) 
  • Lunge stuff (lunges) 
  • Carry stuff (farmers walks… or groceries) 
  • Stretch stuff (hips, hamstrings, glutes) 

Do not let the illusion of complexity fool you into thinking you don’t know what to do… or where to start… or that you can’t do anything worthwhile…You can also! 

  • Walk
  • Drink more water
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables
  • Stretch 
  • You can always do something because something is better than nothing.

And as long as you do something and do that something CONSISTENTLY no matter how simple it may seem… you WILL improve. 

  • You will make progress
  • You will get better 
  • It is not a matter of “if” but simply a matter of time 

And that’s just the beginning. 

But it’s a good start.

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