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What is muscle mass? 

The amount of muscle in your body, this includes skeletal muscles, smooth muscles and cardiac muscles.  We all know that muscle plays a big role in workout performance.  Did you know it can play a big role in your overall health by helping in the prevention of certain conditions and chronic disease?

Not only does gaining muscle give us more energy and create stronger muscles for completing daily tasks, it does so many other amazing things. 

Let’s take a look!

Less body fat:  the higher your muscle mass, the higher your resting metabolic rate becomes.  This means you’ll burn more calories!

Bone density and bone strength:  Lifting weights can help increase both your bone density and bone strength.  This can help prevent osteoporosis and bone decay as we age.

Lower our resting heart rate:  Lifting weights causes more exertion on the cardiovascular system which can be especially valuable in helping to lower our resting heart rate.

Fighting heart disease and type 2 diabetes:  Evidence suggests that strength training can improve the body’s tolerance to glucose as well as insulin sensitivity.  Both of these are important factors in the body’s regulation of blood sugar levels.  

Regulate body fat levels:  When we have elevated levels of body fat, that can lead to some more serious negative conditions, from heart disease to high blood pressure to excessive wear on joints and bones. 

Mental Health:  strength training has been associated with improvements in mental health which has an overall impact on a persons quality of life.  Stress and anxiety

Building muscle doesn’t require you to spend hours in a gym – unless thats your thing!  You will see many benefits with just 15 – 20 minute sessions a couple times throughout the week.   Find or create a program that fits your lifestyle.  Add some weights or resistance training to your current routine.  Don’t like dumbbells and/or barbells?  Do body weight movements like push-ups, pull-ups, squats and other movements that require little to no equipment.  Find something, stick to it and be a healthier version of you.

Building and maintaining muscle mass is just one of the many things you can do for yourself to help lead a healthier lifestyle.  

Don’t neglect your muscles.

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