Sustainable Mindset = Sustainable Results

Some People Struggle With Self Control… 
  • They want to lose fat but have difficulty saying “no.” 
  • They mentally justify their behaviors by saying that they are flexible dieting – however, flexible dieting does not mean eat junk and lose fat.” 
  • It meansdon’t feel guilty for having a treat – but you still have to be WICKED CONSISTENT to make SIGNIFICANT LASTING CHANGES.” 
For those people, practicing self control and saying “no” more often might help them to achieve their goal. 
Some People Struggle With Food Anxiety… 
  • They get anxious at the thought of going out to eat at a restaurant because they don’t want to ruin their progress. 
  • They may even feel bad for having a slice of cake at their own birthday party! 
  • They know it sounds silly and they often give their friends/family/clients amazing nutrition advice that promotes a more flexible approach… but they struggle with it themselves. 
For those people, saying “yes” more often and having a treat might help them achieve their goal. 

Progress is not only measured in weight loss... or fat loss... or measurements... or numbers... or quantifiable data...


  • For one person, progress is saying “no” to the pizza and ice cream so they can hit their calorie and macronutrient goals
  • For another person, progress is saying “yes” to the pizza and ice cream without getting anxiety or feeling like a failure. 

Progress is also measured in mental, emotional, and behavioral changes

And, candidly, if you don’t improve your mindset first….

any physical changes/improvements are going to be short-lived. 

Because sustainable results only happen with a sustainable mindset. 

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.

George Bernard Shaw

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